What Happened to Dad’s Mustang?

When I was a young man, I loved sports cars but couldn’t afford one. When I finally could, it was a Mustang!  An icon of American muscle! The ultimate man’s car!  I even drove my first son home in that Mustang from the hospital where he was born! I love everything about Mustangs!  The horse power, the way it drives,  and the way it even fishtails when you turn a corner.  The way the bucket seats seem to hug you and how the interior feels like you are in a race car of sort.  It is truly a nice car, and so when we sold it, I grieved for months. Even now, when I see a Mustang,  I feel nostalgic.   Continue reading What Happened to Dad’s Mustang?


The #1 Reason Dads MUST Build a Treehouse with the Kids

Do you spend quality time with your kids? What about quantity time? Which is more important? The answer may surprise you in this emotionally packed 10 minute podcast.



Fatherless homes are rampant! Man up and be a dad.

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