As I mentioned before, Manly Training is a community of leaders. This is why I want to offer you a platform to get your message heard. I have included a section for GUESTS to appear regularly on Manly Training. If you would like to contribute to Manly Training, there is a wide range of topics that you can write about. If there are topics that you feel very comfortable writing about, then that will likely be just fine. If you are having trouble coming up with topics I can definitely give you a number of topic suggestions. Your post should be between 1000 – 1800 words. If it is longer than that, it will be fine but we will have to edit it into two separate posts.

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Here, you will find powerful teachings, inspiring articles, podcasts and videos that are all sure to change your life. God will start a good work in you as you let the Spirit of the Lord move in your hearts. These men and women have made contributions to this ministry. Be blessed my friends!

The line-up:

May 15, 2017 — How to be a father — Click HERE to read

May 16, 2017 —  Where is my Father? (PODCAST)Click HERE to listen

May 17, 2017 —   A Hard Lesson for Dad! — Click HERE to read

May 18, 2017 —  A Father’s Blessing — Click HERE to read

May 19, 2017 — A Video Tribute to Dad (VIDEO)Click Here to Watch

May 20, 2017 — The Responsibility of Being a Father — Click Here to read

May 21, 2017 — My Father’s Guest — Click HERE to read

May 22, 2017 — Great Fathers by Leon Barnes, Central church in Little Rock, AR — Click HERE to read

May 23, 2017 — Instructions For Dads (PODCAST) — Click HERE to Listen

May 24, 2017 — How else are you going to learn? — Click HERE to read

May 25, 2017 — Fatherhood Changes Everything — Click HERE to read

May 26, 2017 — A Rose in the Winter by Anna C. Bradford, Author — Click HERE to read

May 27, 2017 — Dear Paco — Click HERE to read


May 29, 2017 — 14 Things My Father Taught Me by Rosalinda Oropeza Randall, Author — Click HERE to read

May 30, 2017 — God’s Way or The Highway Dad! (PODCAST) — Click HERE to Listen

May 31, 2017 — As Taught by Dad — Click HERE to read

June 1, 2017 — Not if He’s like You, Dad! — Click HERE to read

June 2, 2017 — Father by David Porter, — Click HERE to read

June 3, 2017 — The Monkey — Click HERE to read

June 4, 2017 — An Evil Man by Al Cerda — Click HERE to read

June 5, 2017 — Limits by Tyler JacobsonClick HERE to read

June 6, 2017 — Déjà vu — Click HERE to read

June 7, 2017 — The perfect father (overcoming father wounds) — Click HERE to watch

June 8, 2017 — A Father and His Family according to God (PODCAST) — Click HERE to Listen

June 9, 2017 — Papa Joe’s Legacy by Faron GoldenClick HERE to read

June 10, 2017 — Mastering Fatherhood by Pastor Ted ThevaosClick HERE to read

June 11, 2017 — The Power of Presence by Dr. Bill HennessyClick HERE to read

June 12, 2017 — Memories of a Magnificent Man by Paul BrownbackClick HERE to read

June 13, 2017 — Daddy Discipline (PODCAST) — Click HERE to Listen

June 14, 2017 — The Warrior in Me by Sandra CerdaClick HERE to read

June 15, 2017 — I Was a Tough Cookie by Marsh Bull, Men’s Group Foundation, Inc. — Click HERE to read

June 16, 2017 — Branded by Rick Amitin, Author — Click HERE to read

June 17, 2017 — 10 Must Have Qualities for Dads; According to kids by Eduardo QuintanaClick HERE to Read

June 18, 2017 — How to leave a Godly Legacy (PODCAST) — Click HERE to Listen





Fatherless homes are rampant! Man up and be a dad.

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