The fatherless trend in families today is growing at an alarming rate! 45% of all households today have no father in them. That’s up 5% from 10 years ago and up  60% from 50 years ago.  The effects on our society are undeniable.

  • Suicide
  • Divorce
  • Teen crime
  • Violent crime
  • Drug use
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • And many more devastating effects!

Fathers, do you know that your presence makes a difference?

Fathers, your protection and watchful eye on your kids makes a difference!

I read story that really touched my heart. In the pioneer days of our country, there was a boy whose home was situated in the backwoods. A school had been opened some miles away from where the boy lived. Part of the way to the school led through a dense forest. The boy’s father was a strong, brave backwoodsman. He wanted his son to grow up to be strong and brave. So he told his son that he would have to go to school alone! When the boy walked through the dark forest, he always expected to meet a bear or a wild Indian. With the passing of the days and weeks, his fear subsided. Then one afternoon, he saw a great bear standing right in his pathway! The bear growled at the boy. The boy stood motionless, filled with fear. Even if he had run, it would have done no good, for the bear would outrun him. As he stood there, a shot rang out. The bear fell dead. Then, from the bushes, the father emerged. “It’s all right, Son. I’ve been with you all the time. Every morning I have followed you to school, and every afternoon I have been in the shadows watching you. I kept myself hidden from you because I wanted you to learn to be brave!”

Fathers, your daily insights, your teachings and direction make a difference in the lives of your kids. Your daily directions to your kids helps to give them insight and wisdom from your many years of experience and from your relationship with the Lord. Your children are listening even if you do not think so.

Fathers, your leadership will mold lives for all eternity. Today we need more fathers who are willing to make this stand. It makes the difference! Fathers need to be the leaders the Lord has called you to be. It really does make a difference! I hope you enjoy the articles and insights that this ministry brings to you.

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Fatherless homes are rampant! Man up and be a dad.

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