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This is How a Dad Should Die

A faithful Christian man was DYING. His wife and son and daughter, who were all devout Christians, came to his bedside. He HUGGED them and said, “Good night, I’ll MEET you in a BETTER PLACE.” Continue reading This is How a Dad Should Die


3 Ways to be Patient with Your Children

How patient are you? Find out, if you dare!

I thought I was patient until I had kids. If you had asked me 10 years ago what my strongest  Quality  was, I would have answered “my patience“!   However  once you have kids you discover that you are much less patient than you think you are. Oh, you think you’re a loving, patient, sweet peach of man. So you plan to be the guy playing catch for hours and carefully instructing your son how to ride his bike. You’ll never get short with your kids and you’ll always know the perfect balance between discipline and love. Right?  WHATEVER! Continue reading 3 Ways to be Patient with Your Children


James Bryan Smith begins this chapter of his book by telling a story about taking his six year old son to an amusement park. While at the park, he and his son got on a ride. A teenage boy buckled them into their seats and then started the ride.
The entire time during the ride, James Bryan Smith felt a panic in his heart for fear that his son would fly out of the ride. He states: Continue reading “BECAUSE YOU DID, DAD.”

3 Essential Ground Rules to Set the Limits with Your Kids

Placing limits on teens when Parents don’t Like Making Them

From birth to young adulthood, children need structure. This is not to say that every meal, activity, and thought needs to be regulated like a prison, but children do need some form of organization to their lives. Without boundariespower struggles can occur as the children try to work out who exactly is in charge. Continue reading 3 Essential Ground Rules to Set the Limits with Your Kids

3 Step Anti-Rejection Plan for Kids

Teaching My Son To Combat Rejection Like A Man

Every man will be rejected at some point, whether from a career standpoint or a romantic one. When that rejection comes, it’s important to know how to deal with it, but not everyone does.

Continue reading 3 Step Anti-Rejection Plan for Kids

The sin of a father – by Dave Moore

DaveMoore_SmallI grew up in the 60’s and it was a great time to grow up. We played outside endlessly. My father worked afternoons and with school all day I didn’t see him a whole lot. There were six of us kids and my mom worked tirelessly to take care of us and always gave us tremendous love. Alcoholism in our family was a dirty secret that our family lived with for a long time. My father was not only a casual drinker but also a binge drinker. As children we witnessed our father many times slapping and hitting my mom until she Continue reading The sin of a father – by Dave Moore

What Happened to Dad’s Mustang?

When I was a young man, I loved sports cars but couldn’t afford one. When I finally could, it was a Mustang!  An icon of American muscle! The ultimate man’s car!  I even drove my first son home in that Mustang from the hospital where he was born! I love everything about Mustangs!  The horse power, the way it drives,  and the way it even fishtails when you turn a corner.  The way the bucket seats seem to hug you and how the interior feels like you are in a race car of sort.  It is truly a nice car, and so when we sold it, I grieved for months. Even now, when I see a Mustang,  I feel nostalgic.   Continue reading What Happened to Dad’s Mustang?

The #1 Reason Dads MUST Build a Treehouse with the Kids

Do you spend quality time with your kids? What about quantity time? Which is more important? The answer may surprise you in this emotionally packed 10 minute podcast.